A secret storage manager


Himitsu is a secure secret storage system for Unix-like systems. It provides an arbitrary key/value store (where values may be secret) and a query language for manipulating the key store.

Notice: Himitsu is a work in progress. Neither Himitsu nor its underlying cryptographic implementation have been independently audited.

Getting started

To get started, install the "himitsu" package on your Unix system. You will also need a prompter, "hiprompt-gtk-py" is a good choice for most desktop Unix users. If no package is available for your system, build Himitsu from source. Run "himitsu-store -i" to create a new keystore and "himitsud" to start the daemon. Consult your distribution's Himitsu documentation regarding service management to auto-start the daemon.


Himitsu is documented with man pages, which you can read locally or online. Read himitsu(7) for the essential background information and an index of other available man pages.


Several additional packages are available which provide integrations between Himitsu and various other software and protocols.

Have you written your own Himitsu integration? Please let us know so that we can add it here.